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I purchased the 51 E-cig mid-Jan/13. I even had two friends order it also thinking I'd have a good long time to decide if I liked it before investing.

I too was surprised to find the $99 debit on my bank statement (as well as on the statements of my 2 friends! yikes!!). If you call to cancel, and stick to your guns, you will eventually be offered the "employee discount" of 50%, and after further arguing, they'll offer it for $21 - not a recurring monthly debit, but whenever you call at your convenience. The 51 works really well for me and I like the whole thing - but you can get them to lower the price quite significantly if you go to the trouble.

They'll do anything to keep your business EXCEPT to refund your money.

But I'm happy with the product and will purchase the 5 cartridge replacements for $21. Good luck.

Monetary Loss: $270.

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I just checked my statement on line...saw the 99.67 I sent an email alert to my bank...they will file an investigation and until it is resolved...so I will fight back on this....it is a charge that is in pending status...so has not gone through fully....hopefully I can stop this...

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