They help me solve my issue with the terms and the charges I had. It takes bit of time to read terms and conditions when placing an order on line.

They were very pleasant and informative. I got my refund for the trial kit and I am content with the results. Just call the number listed on your credit account. The lines are sometimes busy due to high volume i assume but try again and you'l lget through.

they are listed as Smoke Anywhere USA or Smoke51.

There are different websites that you can go in to check out other products they carry. Take the time and check them out.

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I just received the Smoke 51 Duo e cig today and absolutely love it. It has enabled me to quit smoking after 20yrs of doing so!

The product seems VERY well made, and the companies customer service has so far been superb.

I even received my order earlier than expected, and had no problem getting a real and knowledgable person when i called in. I would definately recommend this company.



I am sorry someone stole your card information and started placing orders. I want you to understand this through no fault of Smoke 51.

Chances are someone has stolen your information and will be making other purchases aside from this one.

I suggest you contact your card company immediately and have the card canceled to avoid any further problems. Most companies will reimburse you right away for fraudulent charges.


Someone fraudulently took $151.45 from my credit card. I did not order electronic cigarette products, did not have any interest in buying them, and did not give anyone my credit card number to buy them.



We here at Smoke Anywhere USA and Smoke 51 strive for good relations with our customers. This is why we are offering 51% off on all products on our website, everything from refill cartridges to complete starter kits.

Please visit Smoke51.com and fill your shopping cart with all of the products you desire, when you go to check out use the code FRIENDS51% and this will give you 51% off your total purchase. This code will only be good for 1 purchase per customer so make sure you get everything you need and save as much $$$ as possible. If anybody does have any questions or concerns our customer service department can be contacted Monday – Friday 9am – 5pm eastern time at 888-SMOKE51 (888-766-5351). We can also be contacted via.

email as well at info@smoke51.com (with emails please allow 2 business days for a response. Once again thank you to all of our current clients and all future clients.


From: James XXXX


Sent: Monday, December 28, 2009 10:33 AM

To: Andrea

Subject: RE: Cancellation

Dear Andrea,

Please accept my sincere thanks for the manner in which your company treated my decision to cancel the free trial. I must admit; I was apprehensive about whether I would receive the credit for the return. Your company treated my transactions professionally, fairly, and promptly. If any of my friends are inclined to try an e-cigarette, I will not hesitate to recommend yours.


James X. XXXXX


I work for smoke 51 and we take care of each and every customer question, complaint or refund. we have only a 1% or less customer complaint rate as we are processing such a large # of orders each day and only the people who are upset take the time to complain.

Actually more people keep our product than don't and love it! please feel free to use our 51% off coupon xxxxx for any product available directly on our website www.smoke51.com

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #96509

you gotta be .....kidding me! this co.

(smoke51) is the biggest rip -off i have ever seen or heard of. it took me 3 wks of trying daily just to talk to someone at smoke51. i returned the kit via usps signature required on 11/23/09.my account has yet to be credited. instead they gave me an address & phone # for TRANSFIRST MERCHANT SERVICE.

THEY (TMS) informed me they have nothing to do with SMOKE51. This has been nothing short of a nightmare transaction. SMOKE51 took my $ ,now claims TMSis where i get the refund ,who says SMOKE51 IS WHERE I GET THE REFUND , WHO SAYS TMS IS WHERE I GET THE REFUND , WHO SAYS SMOKE 51.....GET THE PICTURE!THEY AHVE THEIR PRODUCT RETURNED TO THEM & I HAVE THE SIGNED RECIEPT OF THAT RETURN ....YET I'M STILL OUT $119.90.


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